Swallowed in the sea.

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My name is Haley.
I'm simple. I am in love with being in love.
The sad remains of a teenage wasteland

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I’d never, ever hurt a lady but I’d be happy to punch a feminist.

It’d bring me great joy.


I’m 6’2 and weigh 180lbs

ready when you are

Or if you’d like to have some more options….

I’m 6’4”
228 pounds
and have 9 years of combined martial arts training and 3 years of being a Line Backer in football.
Just in case you are looking for variety.


what about a lady and a feminist. warning, combatives certified soldier.

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Filled with hatred and self loathing

I can’t find what I want, what I need so I keep falling back to you. But you’re not what I want, and you’re not what I need. You’re just there, filling the void.